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Grace and drama in the life of skater Rudy Galindo.

Performista Guillermo Gomez-Peña writes from the New World Border. Photo by Eugenio Castro.



Nuestras Raices
El Andar began as a regional publication in 1989. For seven years, it brought northern California readers interviews, poetry, photography and journalism about the people and issues in the Latino community today.

In January 1997, El Andar stopped printing as a regional monthly in order to prepare for relaunch as a new, national magazine.

The new El Andar launched in fall 1998.
Except for a few reserved copies, the premiere issue has sold out. The Spring issue is now available and is distributed nationally by IPD, Inc. El Andar is high on content, with very little advertising. We count on subscriptions and newsstand sales for financial support.

In many parts of the US, Latinos are becoming the new majority.
Every day, Latinos are observing and shaping contemporary culture. El Andar fills a void that no other national publication has tackled. It brings you the leading artists, thinkers and social critics of the Americas, in this century and into the next. It explores, probes, challenges and celebrates. El Andar sets the table for an exciting nationwide conversation.

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