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“Monolingualism is a curable disease.”

—Carlos Fuentes, author, member of El Andar Advisory Board

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In today’s global market, successful companies move quickly on a worldwide basis in response to changing market conditions and opportunities.

At el Andar Translations, we are proud of our proficiency in moving ideas with painstaking care through the barriers imposed by different languages and cultures.

El Andar's highly educated and experienced translators, commitment to customer service, and proven track record of error-free service, make us a uniquely qualified translation partner that will open doors and expand your customer base faster than any other investment.

At el Andar Translations, our first priority is your satisfaction. We will achieve this goal by providing world-class quality and unforgettable customer service.

Whether it’s a simple one-page memo or a 1,000-page technical systems manual, el Andar has what it takes to do the job. Our talented and dedicated staff will provide you with the best service possible.

Since 1989, el Andar has served hundreds of companies, government agencies and individuals. There is no substitute for having more than 12 years of translation experience to ensure that your work will be error-free and delivered on time.

So relax, and let us work hard for you.

Our Services

El Andar specializes in providing translation and interpretation services in Spanish, English and Portuguese to serve the United States, Latin America, Spain, Portugal, and any other country where our services are needed.

We understand that translations are only one part of our clients’ needs. To simplify your work, our flexible set of services include desktop publishing, graphic design, voice-overs, cultural reviews, and more…

Just let us know what you need!

Areas of Expertise

• Science and Technology

• Software and Documentation

• Website Translation

• Electronics and Engineering

• Banking and Finance

• Legal

• Marketing and Advertising

• Health and Medicine

• Environment

• Literature

• Education

Tools and Software

• IBM and Mac

• MS Word

• PowerPoint

• QuarkXPress

• Photoshop

• Illustrator

• Freelance Graphics

• HTML Editors

• Translation Tools

• And more…

El Andar Advantage

Buying translation by price alone may leave you with mediocre results. Don’t risk your professional image. El Andar Translations delivers excellent quality at competitive prices.

As one of the most prominent bilingual Latino publications in the country, we know that even a small error can have disastrous consequences on an important translation—and what translation is not important?

How We Ensure Quality

1. We work with only the most highly qualified translators, editors and interpreters. Our team consists of carefully selected native linguists who hold advanced university degrees and have many years of translation experience.

2. We are extremely careful to employ the best talent for each assignment. We ensure that our translators are qualified to handle the subject matter. On patents, for example, we use translators with appropriate scientific and technical backgrounds.

3. During the project, a designated member of the translation team consults with the client as appropriate. This guarantees that any uncertainties of meaning are resolved quickly and accurately.

4. For even the smallest assignment, we get a second opinion. From business cards to software manuals, translators consult with subject-matter experts to ensure accuracy. Our editors consult with our translators to produce the final text.

Our Customers

Our list of satisfied customers include:

Sunset Publishing Co.

Microsoft, Inc.

Benchmark Management Corp.

University of California

Granite Construction

Westek Electronics, Inc.

Visiting Nurse Association

Dominican Hospital

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital

California Bank & Trust

Coast Commercial Bank

Santa Cruz Community Credit Union

Pajaro Valley Unified School District

St. Francis Catholic High School

City of Santa Cruz

Ecology Action

Baylands Nature Preserve Interp. Center

Planned Parenthood

Alliance for Health

Dientes! Community Dental Clinic

Doctors on Duty

Santa Cruz County Visitors Council

Santa Cruz Women’s Health Center

and over 200 other customers.

Getting a Quote

Please send us a copy of your project by mail, email or fax, and we’ll prepare a quote for you quickly and without hassle. No hidden costs, no surprises.

“I can tell that you are very thorough and I appreciate that!”

--Jennifer Scharp, Benchmark Management

“We are grateful for your professional and prompt service.”

--Sr. Suzanne Miller, St. Francis Catholic High School

P.O. Box 3211

Oak Brook, IL 60522

773 972-2808


A member of the American Translators Association